Monday, 12 September 2011

Crescent Terrace - Tidy Up 11/09/11

Salam korang....

I was called to write this post of telling anak felda and macamkukata why i didn't load any new post last nite...hmm...

Btw korang....the-berdarah-whole-weekend-out was best gler r...last weekend was all about having fun for us....overnight at anak felda's place, alamanda, daus' open house, slept over at hegemony's and that 3 hrs long r korang....Tp kan korang....have u guys ever thought....sometime happy sakan neh cam freak me out gak.....bcoz my mum always remind me about not to be too exageratingly happy coz it might lead us of forgetting Allah....uhuhuhu when that happen anyone can be anything without even realizing it.....'dah terhantuk sok baru nak terngadah' ...okaylah...dat's not the main reason for me writing today....just as a reminder to myself who's just another weak servant of Allah SWT.

Okay m impatiently writing this post coz i'll be away for maybe 3 days or so starting today for my parent's i'll be all offline!!!! hehe....yesterday when we got back from dinner, i decided to tidy up my room + laundry since m in the middle of my holiday n not gonna work today....heaven gler of not having any Monday blues r korang....wakaka so kemas punye kemas....i realizde it's already 12 am plus i haven't tk my bath n need to see Allah dat nite....when i finished with all that..put on my sleeping attire.....turn on da laptop n i got so drift away by the sleepiness.....n tetido....sedar2 je it was already dawn...uhuhuuh....

Enough said.....that is what happen to me last today....i manged 2 post two entrees to cover things up ya....uhuhuhuhu together with this i uploaded some of the pictures before and after the tidy-up session last nite ya....uhuhuuh....just to prove things that m not making things up k korang.....hehehe

 da bed before - 1

da bed after - 1

 da bed before - 2

 da bed after - 2

 da desk before

 da desk after

 the floor before

 da floor after

 the seater before

 the seater after

 the hall before

the bed after

Okay it's not dat tidy TIDY but okaylah.....better than not even trying to tidy them up huh.....


  1. uhuhu....sorrt for the inconvenient....i yhink it's something wrong wif da template dat i used....uhuhuhu still so new with this blogging thingy....