Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sharing is Caring : 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Salam korang....

Uhuhu...finally m alone again in the cave wut ppl called room...ya my room...after da week full of - 18th of September 2011 i decided to write few words for my blog...

It was all started one afternoon if m not mistaken on the 20th of July 2011, i was sent by the organization for this one course 7 Habits of Highly Effective People....the course was originally introduced by Stephen R. Covey. I first heard bout the course, when my dad had attended the same course a very long time ago. N we do have the book, but to read n try to understand the contents all by myself - TOUGH. During my matriculation, the course was again introduced to us by one of the teacher, Mr. Lee. He was given bout 1 n a half hour to explain to us almost all of the essences from the course and again - NO TIME TO DIGEST.

Briefly, i do think it's a very good course to attend, it took me 2 n half day to complete the course which according to my trainer it's still too pack. The course suppose to be held in 7 days time with each habit to be introduced each day.... 

Hmm....okay...Frankly speaking, I was attracted the most to a concept taught in the course which is TEACH TO LEARN. Well this is something that i've been practiced all this while especially when learning any new thing!!! In the course, it was stated as for the concept....
  • When we listen with the intent to teach, we learn at a deeper level.
  • When we teach, we gain new insight and our learning expands.
I do believe what was stated is part of learning process and s for me, apart of learning from mistakes, this is something which i learned the from time to time i'll try to write wut i've learned from the course just to share with all of my friends out there ya.....uhuhuu

Btw let me know ape korang think bout this by dropping some comments ya.....uhuhuhuh


  1. u bgtau briefly jek...hehe...bgtaula in depth..remembered dat 1 course dat u once told abt da colour thingy??hehe...yg tu mcm post on dat if u hv da time..hihi..mesti byk reader on dat :p

  2. btw,seriously,i do agree wif u..when we listen wif da intention to teach,we learn at a deeper level..when i was a relief teacher,i cudnt understand why these kids were acting like such n such but then when i went for da training n learn all dis psychology stuff,i do understand them more..n in fact,it really opened up my mind coz i 4got dat I was a kid too..huhuhu...n somehow,wif my great interest in da subject,smhow i like to observe ppl more now..hehehe