Monday, 12 September 2011

Trick or Treats - Strawberry Cupcakes/Kek Cawan Strawberi

Uhuhuh....i promised my frens that i'll update my blog last nite....but i was too tired after the berdarah whole weekend outing ya....m sorry for that n  m only hv the energy to write my blog this morning after that long 'like a baby' sleep....hehehe

It was 9th of Syawal, Friday nite all of us had planned to have our first gathering in Syawal. The gathering took place at anak felda's place. In the middle of planning for it (as usual we skyped to discuss bout stuff nowadays) so i asked them "do you guys want me to prepare anything" n macamkukata was asking for cupcakes.....yup that is my post all about this time.....Trick or Treats - Strawberry Cupcakes

In order to make cupcakes....the most important things is to actually finding the right recipe since m not chef to invent one i wud really like trying from I've tried few cupcake recipes from this page like the choc cupcakes, carrot cupcakes and the orange cupcakes. So far all of them turn into cupcakes...hehee. To see the recipe and full video of making the cupcakes, please click on the link ya....

As for me i wud like to review the cupcakes and share my experience of completing my so called baking project....

Hehe....frankly speaking, it's not as easy s watching the preparation in the seriously took me almost 2 hours jst to finish baking together wif the frosting ya.....i started at 8 pm and only finished at 10...uhuhu and the worst part is to do da cleaning...wakakaka wif all the butter, eggs and stuff.....uwaaa.....nightmare siot....luckily Syah was offering for help....he's the one who did all the cleaning while m scooping the batter into the cupcakes liner n preparing for the frosting....

After that never endless effort....finally the cupcakes is ready......okaylah...not so bad....i dun really pipe the frosting because i dun bother to use any other baking utensil that will only lead me to this cleaning again....uhuhuso wut i did....i just scooped the frosting on top of the cakes, cut the fresh strawberries into halves then put it on top of the frosting....uhuhu

The looks....wokay la....the taste....macam2 review....Syah said it tasted like banana cake, my sis in law told me she cud taste vanilla in it....which it's one of the ingredient...but my frens' reviews were kind of 'membina' r....i tasted it myself....n i think not so just that the cupcake is a lil bit sweet....especially after with all that anak felda's prepared the plain tea with less sugar in it which was a perfect combination.... Sweet treats with less sugar tea-o mmg layan n terbaik to the host-anak felda for having us in ya....uhuhuuhu

okay people....i uploaded the pictures of the let me know wut u think ya....

Fweeeash from the oven 1

On the baking tray 1 - cudn't find da cooling rack this time 

On the baking tray 2 

On the cupcakes tray 1 

On the working table 1 

The trios....

On the working table 2 

On the cupcakes tray 2 

Witnessed by the Arch 1 

Witnessed by the Arch 2


  1. Cupcake for Hafizi Besday,

    No Secret recipe!! Try this at home and make your own 1st Cupcake. Nice to see, Appetite to eat.

  2. serius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!aku dah mengidam cupcake hafiz...hafiz...sedap sangat..seriusS***t sedappp!!!!teringt masa makan kat rumah daud...

  3. i think if u scoop da batter abt half of da cup dh ok if da cake naik sgt2..but if xnaik sgt,dlm 3/4 dh ok coz u r going to put da frosting kan??hehe...pastu u cn level da frosting using da spatula...then u put on da nmpk mcm ala2 pro cmtu..hehe.. so freaking jeleous!!!!!!!!i wnt da cuppies too....sob sob